How To Style The Dashiki

I finally got my hands on this shirt that had been in storage for years after it was gifted to me. Relocation does this to one sometimes. I thought I lost it but it was simply waiting to be unpacked. 

This post is about the Dashiki which is a traditional African clothing piece. It's a bright and colourful loose-fitting shirt or a tunic and is usually made out of cotton material. It's a very casual-looking shirt but can be styled for different occasions. The main thing I love about the dashiki is the colours! It just brightens me up and is definitely eye catching. I also love the loose fit (I like loose fitting tops a lot).

So here's a video of the different ways I would style my dashiki. It will definitely be showing up in a couple of events before this summer is over ;)

+1 demo: Basic page


  1. Thank you so much! I love versatile pieces like this

  2. I reallyblike how you styled your dashiki It us very different from what we can see and very stylish

  3. Oh so cool styling

    Love you put a belt on it

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