The Broom That Makes Sense

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Just as I was sweeping my kitchen today, I remembered the brooms we have at a work place. One of them, very cute and pretty. The other, looked like it had seen better days. But then the latter was so much more effective than the first. Even though the bristles looked like they'd combed through rocks and cobbles and were so string looking, they still got through all the creases in the floor and were strong enough to do a good job unlike the soft bristled, neat-looking broom that looked like well combed hair. You end up putting in twice the effort simply because the bristles were too soft and hardly moved any dirt.

So I thought, it's not always about looks. Beauty, in the end is more than what the eye sees and what looks good. It's really in what you are able to offer; what you are able to do, how good you are. Your skill, your opinions, your kindness, the works of your hands matter so much more, that people forget what you look like. Success is very attractive. A smart person attracts more people during the exam period than the beauty queen of the class, know what I mean?

That is not to put anyone down in anyway based on looks. Everyone is blessed unequally, but we're all still blessed. No one really has it "all". Ask the richest person if they're the happiest. It may not be so. Ask the most popular blogger about their personal life. It may not all be perfect as you imagine, and so on. 

Remember the little cute broom I used for illustration, it simply may not be in its right environment to shine. Always remember that. It may seem like someone always outshines you or outperforms you. You simply have not reached your moment or place to shine. Don't look down on you. Work hard and do YOUR best always. You never know when your opportunity will open up.

Hope you like this post and feel inspired in some way. Thanks for reading

Till next time,
Take care,
Kemi A....x 


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