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We're in Spring sale season and even with all efforts to stay away from any sort of spending, and save money, I can't resist a 60% off sale! Soo many stores calling my purse, stop it!

But these shoes, I didn't want to pass up. They are simple sandal heels from a Canadian store called Call It Spring. I'm pretty sure I go past it many times but never entered. They have crazy sales going on right now and I bought this pair and a similar one in a different colour. I made my sister spend too but the sale is still on! check them out if you're in Canada, I'm not sure if they ship to USA (no international shipping) but see the links below for similar styles I compiled :)

Wicker heart :: Primark
Sandals :: Spring. Similar styles herehere and below. Happy shopping :)

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  1. I'm surprised I never entered their store, but walked past so many times smh. I'll be a regular customer from now on :)

  2. I love call it spring so much.
    They have such nice shoes :)

    Love this one on you

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