Nigerian Bridal Style Gele


Who would have thought that tying gele would be so easy! I grew up watching my mum struggling almost every Sunday with this piece of clothing right before it was time to go to church :). 
I couldn't quite tell what material it was made of. It just made so much noise when tying, but always came out beautiful and seemed to stay put [most times]. Happens to be that all those Sundays and party days, I didn't know I was soaking in her gele tying skills, hehe :-P

[photos, courtesy Google]
Anyways, I think the process scares a lot of people but I have found it to be super easy, with the aso-oke of course. I haven't ventured into the world of proper gele (which is a very stiff metallic fabric) just yet.

The bridal style gele, I love the look, and have created a tutorial on how I tie it. There are probably a few other methods of tying it but here's a simple one:

Hope you like, and found it helpful.


  1. Great post <3

  2. Thank you Sarah! mehn, my makeup skills are far from fleeky but since your comment, I've taken more interest in learning :D


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