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I found these photos and thought oh! Those leaves look like the Canadian maple leaf don't they?
Canada day this year was.... this year, it was right in the middle of the week, so an awkward
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Hello queens, I made a review of this palette, showing you how I tried on some of the colours to create the look I'm wearing. Not just that, I continued on to swatch the entire palette for you, especially on dark skin ladies.

Here's what I think:

PRICE ($17 CAD) 
Affordable for the number of colours you get. 

Nice and shiny. Fairly easy to open and close. No mirror on the palette, however.

About 40-60% of the colours actually do what "I" expect on "MY" skintone. I know that payoff is different with different complexions but there were some colours that wowed me and some that were basically 'a struggle'. See the video for the swatching of each colour. 

You get 48 colours.
I think this palette packs quite a wide variety and they have tried to fit in all possible finishes in there: shimmery, matte, medium sheen. So based on your preference, you could appreciate the inclusion or find many of them a waste. For me, the nude section had quite a number of repeat colours as you can probably tell from the photo. Only those with high shimmer really worked on my skin, so I think I found some perfect highlight colours. The blues were a ripoff. 3 of the same colour! not cool. I would have appreciated some more green shades, but not too much to complain about here for the price it's sold at.

Lapel Mic -

You can shop the palette here now:
Hope you found this read helpful
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care

My Mind - A Jungle Paradise | Outfit

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Long time no post. It feels like my mind has been segmented into so many different parts and I'm trying to do sooo many things at the same time. I never at any point in time have only one thing to do. It's a list of things that keep transferring from Post-It notes to my phone notes, to my laptop notes, any scrap paper I find laying around, just about everywhere!
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Red Lips on Dark Skin ft. Red Nigerian Pleats Gele

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Hey family. So I decided to create a makeup and gele video. I think I finally found a red lipstick shade that works well on my skin tone. It's one by Adoniaa, a local Calgary brand. 
Then I got my brother to do my voiceover. Save me the effort haha!. And he did such a good job without a script! I think he just found a new career. I have the video below for you to enjoy. 
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Recently, I made one of the biggest purchases of my life - a brand new apartment. It was big for me because II have dreamed of this and did this on my own, with cheers from my family. It was a rollercoaster ride filled with high moments, overwhelming moments, doubtful moments, exciting and confusing moments, the whole lot. I wanted to share with you that although the process may seem long, it is all worth it, and you can do it too if you want to. I share with you my story buying my first home and becoming a landlady before 30.

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The Broom That Makes Sense

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File:Banaue Philippines Handmade-brooms-01.jpg - Wikipedia
Just as I was sweeping my kitchen today, I remembered the brooms we have at a work place. One of them, very cute and pretty. The other, looked like it had seen better days. But then the latter was so much more effective than the first. Even though the bristles looked like they'd combed through rocks and cobbles and were so string looking, they still got through all the creases in the floor and were strong enough to do a good job unlike the soft bristled, neat-looking broom that looked like well combed hair. You end up putting in twice the effort simply because the bristles were too soft and hardly moved any dirt.

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How to Make Nigerian Meat Pie | Classic Recipe

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Meat pies are one of my favourite things. I enjoy the savoury pasty as a snack or a meal. The Nigerian meat pie is an easy one to make.  


 It consists a meaty/vegetable filling wrapped inside a rich pastry in a semi-circle shape. 
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