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Hi, hope you are doing well wherever you are. I have found that lately, because of my new stressful life at moment (school -_-), I can't seem to feel motivated enough to dress well, like I used to. It's not in any way a sign of sadness or depression, it's just that feeling of "I don't care; I have too much work to do" attitude. Plus the winter is my LEAST favourite of seasons! I can't put outfits together without looking like someone threw up (clothes) on me. Too much layering makes me sweat lol. So everyday I'm praying no one I know outside of school sees me cos I won't be able to excuse my appearance! >_< ...eh, it's only for a short while :)

Anyhoo, I was going through my photos as a distraction from actually studying and found photos in an album I named 'Vibrant'. Simple pieces put together; my favourite. Not too many layers needed...yeahhh. Ah, I need summer to come back quick o!

 Top :: Risky in London (very old)
Velvet Skirt :: Custom made 
Sandals :: L.K. Bennett
Nail Polish :: Sally Girl
Rings :: H&M
Earrings :: Suzy Shier
Keep working hard, and know that when you're down, it is but for a moment. You will rise again and flourish! and I'll get back to study now :)


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