NYC Cosmetics (Mini Review)

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So I was in the mood to take photos and the NYC nail polishes and lipstick (sitting on my shelf), the newest cosmetic items I hadn't tested, looked like they wanted to model ;). I picked these up a little while ago because they were super inexpensive, and well, that caught my eyes. So this is a random post with a little product review injected into it. 
Left-Right :: NYC City Duet Lip Colour (The Penthouse Plums) :: NYC Quick Dry (Prince Street) :: NYC Matte (Matte Me Crazy)

This vibrant purple is very glossy and needs maybe 2 coats 
The whitish polish gives a matte finish to any colour. Paint on a colour of your choice, allow to dry, and then paint on the matte. You can also use it to create cool effects on your nails if you like.
Here's the glossiness of the polish
In the photos above, my middle finger was made matte, but the underlying glossiness (with time) started to peek through. I also attempted - on my ring finger - an effect, having matte nail with glossy tips. (At this moment, the whole nail is glossy. LOL) Perhaps more coats of the Matte polish could fix this next time :)
The NYC 2 in 1 Lipstick is a duo shade lipstick. It has two sides with different colours. One side is a plum red, the other is more of a pink.
I have to say this lipstick is EXTREMELY oily. It glides on very easily but has the feel (and finish) of applying lipgloss. So don't expect it to last. I do worry too, that the whole lipstick will get very messy with use, having two-in-one. But it was very cheap! I can almost describe it as lipgloss in lipstick form :)

All these items cost less than $3 each!

So hope you got something from this post, maybe? Anyways Take Care....Later...x....Kemi.A


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