Wake Up And Appreciate Life

 ^_^ what a pretty bedroom [source: Google]
Life seems difficult when you feel like you have no control. It tends to be irritating especially at the stage of life when it becomes necessary to stay on top of situations around one; at the stage where mental plans for the future are already taking set places in one's mind.   

Recently I found myself at a crossroads. It wasn't a good place to be, with great uncertainties in all directions. The safest place, which I had to move on from, was where I was standing. That's when you wish the ground would help you out and swallow you. Pulling advice from all over and weighing choices over and over again was definitely draining. I wanted things my way as I perfectly planned in my head. My cry for clear direction seemed endless until the morning that became my turning point.

I woke up one morning and stretched out my hand in my bed and suddenly I realised how privileged I was. I had an enormous bed that could fit a whole family, to myself! I was instantly humbled and said a quick heart-felt thank you to God. The blessings I take for granted! The things I wanted to achieve to prove my strength. I realised there was no one on this earth I needed to impress.

There is this one life and we can choose to enjoy it or keep complaining, struggling for that 'perfect picture' that most times isn't real. Bottom line, we overlook what's right there and it's true when they say 'You don't know what you have until you lose it'. Be grateful for the little or perhaps the lot you have. We have this one time on earth. We aren't promised tomorrow so cherish your today and be grateful when tomorrow comes. Forgive. Worry less. Love. Make a positive difference. Be your best you. Do you :)


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