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Hello queens, I made a review of this palette, showing you how I tried on some of the colours to create the look I'm wearing. Not just that, I continued on to swatch the entire palette for you, especially on dark skin ladies.

Here's what I think:

PRICE ($17 CAD) 
Affordable for the number of colours you get. 

Nice and shiny. Fairly easy to open and close. No mirror on the palette, however.

About 40-60% of the colours actually do what "I" expect on "MY" skintone. I know that payoff is different with different complexions but there were some colours that wowed me and some that were basically 'a struggle'. See the video for the swatching of each colour. 

You get 48 colours.
I think this palette packs quite a wide variety and they have tried to fit in all possible finishes in there: shimmery, matte, medium sheen. So based on your preference, you could appreciate the inclusion or find many of them a waste. For me, the nude section had quite a number of repeat colours as you can probably tell from the photo. Only those with high shimmer really worked on my skin, so I think I found some perfect highlight colours. The blues were a ripoff. 3 of the same colour! not cool. I would have appreciated some more green shades, but not too much to complain about here for the price it's sold at.

Lapel Mic -

You can shop the palette here now:
Hope you found this read helpful
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