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Long time no post. It feels like my mind has been segmented into so many different parts and I'm trying to do sooo many things at the same time. I never at any point in time have only one thing to do. It's a list of things that keep transferring from Post-It notes to my phone notes, to my laptop notes, any scrap paper I find laying around, just about everywhere!

Don't get me wrong, this is not a result of procrastination, but there is just so much I want to, and believe that I can, accomplish. The problem is that there is just one me and 24 hours each day. I keep saying there isn't enough time.
Honestly, the current pandemic situation is such a blessing in disguise because I am able to save time. My commute to work is about 20 seconds each day! I get to save dressing up time and driving time! I am blessed to be able to carry on working from home, which has been a wish of mine; and now I get to do that and get extra time to work on my own businesses, plus squeeze in some workout time.

I love it, and I am thankful. But of course, things are going back to normal, or new normal soon. So I am making the most of it even though I think I may run my brain into overdrive sometimes.

Anyways, here is a cute outfit inspired by the lovely weather we get to enjoy from the back yard.

Skirt ~ Anotah (Kuwait)
Crop Jacket ~ Bershka
Gold Cork Clutch ~ Inherited from mum :)

How do you handle your thoughts, plans and to-do lists? Do you write them down, say them out loud, or just keep it in and and handle things one at a time? Share with me in the comments section :)

As always, thanks for stopping by.
Take care...Kemi.A x


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