CHIC AND STYLISH WAYS TO TIE #ANKARA SCARF While You're Home #learnathome #stayathome #quarantine

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I am pretty sure if you are reading this post in the future, you would have heard or remember the time when the world faced the corona virus pandemic. All the sad news, the lockdowns, the urgent changes we had to make to our lifestyles all across the world.

Well I am among the blessed and privileged to be able to continue their jobs at home. So I have been in a work-from-home setting for a few weeks now. And not only does it mean I don't have to drive for hours each day and take a few steps from my bed to my desk, it also means I don't need to worry about what my hairstyle for the moment is! Let's be frank, would you? Why strap a wig or attach
some extension braids to my head when I can be free as a bird. Free to let the indoor air stroke my scalp lol. I put my hair in a number of neat cornrows, tuck the ends in, and life is good.

But of course, connecting with others in this isolation-wide period means more video calls for work meetings, to keep our human connection going and to stay relevant in the minds of others. So if you cannot be bothered to throw on and try to style an old tangled wig, I put together some simple, super quick and stylish ways to tie a scarf without looking like you're suffering.

Hope you enjoy the looks and can try one of them before that next women's group call or the next virtual office social call or the next Facetime call with you-know-who.


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