It's Garnier Baby!

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Since I have acquired sooo much knowledge in hair care, I am always glad to pour out my heart and help wherever needed :)

I went hair product shopping with my mum as we had run real low. Picked up only a few things as I tend to get over excited and reach for everything when it comes to hair care ¬_¬

Anyhoo, I noticed most of the products we had picked were Garnier Fructis! Actually, my regular shampoo and conditioner are by Garnier Fructis and it was only natural for me to recommend that :)

~well there is the odd ORS bottle but notice how all the bottles are green? hmm 

GF Shampoo | GF conditioner | GF hair treatment | GF leave-in spray | ORS hair lotion

~Good Hair Is Like A Priceless Crown~

Thanks for stopping by :)

~ Kemi.A ~


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