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 Hi family! It's been a while. Falling out of love with something you love is hard and depressing. It's great to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Imagine not being motivated in any way to do that thing that makes you happy. For me it's dancing, creating, editing videos. So obviously I was in a state of unhapiness for quite sometimes, often times forgetting how to smile. 

But it's true that time is such a crucial ingredient in healing. I am grateful for all the things I people I forget I am blessed with.

So! I felt like shopping in anticipation for the spring time. My wardrobe was looking quite dreary, like there was a grey cloud of smoke every time I peeked in. 

So I went on Shein my ever reliable source for affordable good looking clothes and spent a bit. This polka dot top and skirt set is one of my favourite ones. It makes me long for Paris! It's really light and comfortable. The only thing missing is actual spring weather! :)
Polka Dot Coord Set ~ Shein
Check out more of my spring buys on https://youtu.be/gwgBnTfrx3E


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