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It's been a little while I wrote on here, or showed my face on any social media. The beginning of a new year is always a great excuse opportunity to make moves and go after the things we want to make happen. 

I visited London again recently and was it great to be back! Too bad I didn't get to enjoy it so much. Too much to be accomplished. I had to convince myself this was not a pleasure trip.

Well it looks so far like spring is well on its way. I thought to share these cute new buys (most of which I got on sale), I will definitely be sporting frequently.
Coat :: New Look
Jacket :: H&M
Lace-Up Boots :: Peacocks
Ankle Boots :: Shoe Zone
Flats :: Forever 21
I missed the comfort of these trains so much. (Comfy) trains are my favourite public transport means.
Wool Hat :: H&M
Eyeliner :: Boots
Eyelashes :: Primark

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