Zipped In Black, White and Gold

When you need to keep it simple and classy, go for white, go for black, go for gold. Since leaving my oversized shirt-and-jeans comfort phase of style, I am taking such a liking to pencil skirts and midi skirts.

I remember being 10 and my mum asking me why I wore my skirts so low (below my belly button). It made no sense to wear any bottoms over my belly. How uncomfortable! Well now I do and it makes sense lol. Well some bottoms are only designed to be worn that way anyway. Well that was just some throwback story.

This skirt features a full length exposed zipper that should be worn facing the front, but I wore it backwards today for a different look.
Hope you are enjoying the summer!
:: Shirt from H&M. Similar items in links below, also featured here
:: Skirt from Forever 21, similar here
:: Sandals from Aldo, similar here
:: Glasses, similar here

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  1. Love this combo you look absolutely fabulous.

  2. I love your skirt!!

    Mademoiselle Coconath


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