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Love that number. The number 4 is actually a resounding number in my family's birthdays. So I think 4 is special to us. I especially love 24. So turning 24 on the 24th is making me like this age more than all the other.

Okay enough with the numbers!

I'm grateful to God for another year. I can't take the good health and provision I get for granted. The many things that I need (and even those I don't know I need), that I have, I dare not take for granted becuase you don't know what you have until it's gone - that saying is sooo true.

So even though things may not always go according to MY plan, I must smile. Many wake up in the middle of the night, not to text a friend or grab a midnight snack, but because there is war going on around them, or they're starving, or don't even have proper shelter to be able to sleep well. So this is ONE of the many reasons I must say Thank You Father for the joy, peace, sound mind You have allowed me to enjoy.
Thanks for reading. x
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