What To Wear To Prom/Graduation

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Graduation period is approaching quick! I know there's lots of excitement for the big day. A lot of you probably just can't wait for lectures to stop and get those exams out of the way. I know, my little brother is buried in books right now, while the rest of the house is excited for graduation. I wish you all the best in this final leg of this journey. Some of you may be graduating from high school (secondary school) or college (university). Congratulations for making it so far.

I bet you are already picturing the perfect dress eh, how you are going to show dem! lol. Yeah my final exam periods were constantly disrupted with me searching for potential dresses. Well I had a lot of time to find my dress but still, the excitement was much.

So let's jump right in.

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You know how you have to wear that much deserved grad gown, albeit heavy, hot and somewhat unflattering yeah? You may need to consider it when picking out your dress. Or maybe not. Anyhow, a number of things that could affect your choice:

:: Time of year (weather) ::
Yes. Gosh my graduation was in the middle of winter. Okay not middle middle like peak, but it was in November and one was not happy. It's not like the ceremony was outdoors but I am always considering the weather even if I will be driving around. That's just me. I got a nice dress but I had to throw on some tights. If you're graduating in the summer, then no probs, you're good ;)

:: Colour ::
You don't want to go for something that's dark which will blend in with the colour of your grad gown. They are usually dark blue or black. You want to go for something bright that stands out. Besides, it's your graduation! Have fun with some colour :) The first colours that come to mind are something yellow, orange, pink...you get it. But don't sweat it if you don't find one of course. You can still shine regardless.

:: Comfort ::
You probably will be a bit over excited, anxious or nervous on your graduation day. It's a little like a wedding day I guess. So reduce your worries by going for comfort. Also don't forget, there may be some after parrry your auntie has organised or maybe after drinks with your friends and family. So you want to find something that you are comfortable with showing afterwards. Like if it's uncomfortable - too short or over-exposing - and you hide under the grad gown, erm sis you are gonna have to return the gown at some point. [Y'naamean?] I suggest you make sure your dress fits PERFECTLY. No wardrobe malfunction permitted; you won't like accidental slips or rips haha. no.

:: Your own style ::
So even though you may want to 'show dem, kill dem' with your outfit, I advise you do what works for you. If you feel comfy with pants/trousers instead of dresses, of course! There's no rules. You can rock a jumpsuit if that's what you like, a two-piece, whatever. Just make sure you get to shine even through your clothes. I myself am not comfortable with no sleeves. I'm just conscious of my arms (ma gunzz) and any underarm mishaps lol, so I searched until I found a dress with cute chiffon sleeves. So basically, don't over do it because you may be doing the opposite of impressing, if that's what you planned.

:: Keep It Simple, Sister ::
To sum it all up, you gotta do you boo :) It's one day. Find something cute, comfortable and probably conservative. ooh I forgot, the collar of your grad gown may need to hook on to something in the front, so something with a collar is advisable but not compulsory. My dress definitely had no collar. The gown collar was just a little annoying. Matter of fact, the whole gown felt super awkward. So you don't want your own outfit to add any form of discomfort darl :)

See more of my picks below

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More Points To Remember

 ~ Don't forget to carry a small size perfume. It will come in handy in the hot gown and warm weather.

~ Make sure your hair is on point and secure ladies. Pin and spray the life out of that hair. You don't want to look like an old toothbrush at the end of the day. Have some hairpins to help secure your cap too.

~ Don't wear too much makeup. You want to look effortlessly done right?

~ Ladies, ladies please break in your shoes! Wear them until you can't feel them. Just try and prevent the toddler wobble.

~ Do the light check with your skirts/dresses and make sure you get the appropriate under garments and form shapers as needed. Keep it tight :)

~ Don't break the bank. This one goes for both the ladies and the guys trying to get that perfect tux. Keep it within means and have fun.

I really hope you find this useful. Please let me know. I will probably do an updated one for university graduates. Stay tuned for that xx

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