Valentines Day Outfits!

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Hey all!!!

Do you ever look forward to Valentine's day or are you one of those who think it's just another day of couple's flaunting what they've got in people's faces and make all single people
sigh 'forever alone, whatevs' -_- ? Lol, perhaps you think it's yet another opportunity for companies and businesses to suck from our pockets? I think it's a little bit of everything haha. 
But it's supposed to be about love! Love is not reserved for couples. Love is for anyone and everyone! Your family, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbours, a stranger, and most especially, yourself! 

Those who have someone (or people) special they'd like to dedicate the day to, definitely have fun and be happy with each other. Those who don't have that 'special' someone or people, remember everyone is special. Have fun with your friends and appreciate yourself too. Don't feel pressured to have a date or somewhere to go. You can ignore the day, or treat yourself to some cake, ice cream and some good ol' comedy :)

SO! In the spirit of celebration, I put together a lookbook, hoping someone can find some inspiration on outfits if you are headed out somewhere this 14th. You can style it up to your taste and as you wish.

~~~check it out~~~


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