Ways To Keep Your Face Oil Free

Hi! I  want to share with you a number of ways to control shiny face. We know the skin produces it's own oil to keep itself lubricated. It is natural to sweat and when we sweat we expel water mixed with oil and salt from the body. Some of us sweat and produce a lot more oil than others. Many experience more oiliness in the T-Zone area, which is around the forehead and brows and down the nose. 

I personally have very oily skin. I am oily all over my face. Even my eyelids get oily in the creases! It never really was a burden because it gave me a sort of healthy glow I like but sometimes I get so shiny you could see your reflection on my face. If I was out in the sun, you could fry an egg on my face! And me being more dark skinned, it gets REALLY obvious. Plus the constant rave about matte face and matte cosmetics and all is enough to make one extra conscious. 
Anyhoo to combat oily skin, you certainly need to pay attention to your skin care products and routine. Look out for products that are oil-free, fragrance-free and alcohol-free. Producst that are gentle and targeted towards oily-skin needs

opt for a facial cleanser that's oil-free and does the job. Make sure to follow up with an oil-free moisturizer. Skipping this step will only cause your face to produce excess oil in an attempt to moisturize itself. Plus

When you need to exfoliate, use a scrub that doesn't leave buildup on your face. Pick up one that's oil-free so it doesn't add any more oils to your face.

When you wash your face, it may feel really clean, oil and dirt free. However, it is important to put back moisture onto your skin. Because after wash, your face becomes dry and stiff, your skin will naturally begin to produce oil to grease those cracks! and loosen your face. This can cause you to look extra shiny. 


You can get regular packaged blotting sheets, but these can be pricey if you're constantly sweating oil and need to blot all the time. If you can't get your hands on a pack of blotting sheets, there are alternative things to use: get to some DIY! Here's a couple of places you can find blotting paper

~ Wrapping Tissue. Make use of all that fancy paper you got from that present. Or just buy some at the store. A pack of about 5 or 6 sheets cost so little. Cut them up into portable sizes you can throw in your purse.
~ Shoe Stuffers. Yes go find that paper that's been stuffed into your new shoes or handbag. It's great for blotting too. Straighten out the paper and get shaping out some blotting paper!

When you purchase your powder cosmetics, be sure to pick up those with a matte finish. Those help you stay looking oil-free longer. 

Cosmetic lines offer blotting powders which are light and translucent and do not add to the makeup but help to absorb the oils on the face.
MAC Blotting Powder

Sephora Cover FX

And of course! the longest lasting method I know. This awesome product. It's a white chalk-milky liquid you could use as a primer before applying makeup. It keeps the skin oil free the whole day! 
How to use it:

~ Wash your face
~ Moisturise
~ Apply a dime size to your palm and work it in with your fingers. 
~ Allow to dry and then apply makeup as normal

I don't advise using a sponge or pad because applying too much will force you to pack on extra makeup as it gets harder to smoothly move your brush or applicator. Using your fingers, it's easier to control.

If you're not wearing makeup, apply very little amount of the MOM quickly as it dries fast. Make sure to smooth out any obvious white patches.


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