Classic by Banana Republic

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The weather has been taking its pretty time in transitioning from cold to warm, up here and we are waiting on the side, forced to be patient. What can one do? -_-
I thought to take a few photos outside on the day it looked beautiful. Not quite hot but cool enough to bear. My mum spoils me with shoes (when she's in the mood, which is quite often I must say). This time I got gifted these sandal heels in a brownish burnt orange-type colour. yah. I love the chunky heels. Makes walking easier and makes the heels appear not-so-high. 

I popped into Banana Republic to replenish my fragrance supplies. I miss my times of mixing up all kinds of perfumes like here. ^-^ ..since I moved countries, I've been buying things per need per time, as I haven't settled properly. Full self renovation soon! 

The Classic by Banana Republic is so sweet and soft. It's perfect for day time and spring time...makes one want to hug oneself hehe. And the simple bottle, simple design, the translucent liquid and black and white packaging definitely makes it a classic little piece :)

Classic Eau de toilette 50ml :: Banana Republic :: $45
Strappy Sandals :: Hobbs :: Gifted

How's the weather on your side??? 
Till next time....take care....x!....Kemi.A


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