You Only Live Once

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Do you ever feel so alone in this big big world? I believe this feeling comes when it's time to sit down and think of how almost insignificant we all are. There are so many people in this world! Have you ever stopped to just think about that? 
Think about how the person next to you has no clue what you're your next door neighbour may be weeping but you don't there are wars going on around the world but you don't hear it unless you're people die and are born every second and life JUST GOES ON. It's almost sad and can make one feel like you're trapped on a ride you have no control of.

I guess that's why they always say "Life is what you make of it". When you think about the big picture, no one really cares. We go about life worrying and caring what other people think and trying to please others and tirelessly struggling for the future when really, the future is now! We are not promised tomorrow, however life continues even when we don't.

January was a great month for me. It seemed like this year was ready for me. Then soon as February rolled in, I felt a sudden loneliness, like nothing was going right. I shut myself from everyone, mainly because I don't want to infect anyone with such a confusing feeling. This feeling has recently begun to creep up when my birthday is around the corner. I find it hard to smile and I go into seclusion. My yearly wish is for a HAPPY birthday. How sad!

I know what's right for me to count my blessings right? To think of happy have hope...see the silver lining behind the grey cloud...Bottom Line is happiness begins from within. It's a process, sometimes slow, other times sudden.

Sometimes one doesn't know where it comes from but no matter what people do or say, if one is not ready, no one can make one. We just need to realise that YOLO is so true. It's not about being stupid. It's about being able to replay one's life and feel a fulfillment, and feel like doing it all over again exactly the same. So I guess that's my new phrase:

You Only Live Once. Life's too short to not live it! 

~~~>> What makes you snap out of your state of low? I'd love to read about your experience :)  <<~~

writing this little blog (or slight ramble) has actually made me smile a little...If you feel like screaming and you can't, WRITE ABOUT IT x :)


~ Kemi.A ~


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