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SO I popped into the stores the other day. My graduation ceremony is coming up you see ^.^ oooh it's coming so fast man! I'm excited and nervous, I don't know, all sorts of feelings. I want to really prepare but at the same time I feel like ehnnn...don't try too much.

Anyhoo, I walked into MAC store on my way to a dress store
. I wanted to get a powder for my forever oily skin and get the Fix Plus spray, hoping it would help my makeup stay on through the ceremony. The lady at the MAC store was very lovely and bubbly. She taught me, a newbie at makeup, quite a few new things about their products of course!

I had actually wanted to buy Mac Mineralise Skin Finish as I've seen so many people rave about it. Sadly she told me it's not advisable for MY type of skin -_- (I'll still get it one day). So she recommended Studio Fix Powder which she says covers, is oil free and is matte! So that's good for me. It basically does all I need and I love powders...they feel less like makeup.

She also recommended Charged Water Hydrating Mist rather than the Fix Plus, again for my type of skin. Lastly, I got the Studio Fix in NW47, which is a much closer match than the one I have (NW45).

ooh did you know the Studio Fix Powder has a lower compartment with a fluffy sponge in?!! That surprised me ^_^ 
~ Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
~ Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist 
~ Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

Take care everyone :)

~ Kemi.A ~


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