Hair Growth Update

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This is a one year comparison update. I restarted my hair growth process in summer of 2012 when I cut short my tresses. My previous hair journey brought forth longer hair, but it definitely was suffering! Suffering from damage and breakage, a result of constant straightening and styling. So I decided to start over again...kinda.
My Hair Regimen (routine for care) stayed pretty much the same but I cut out the HEAT.

Shampoo and deep condition weekly
Oil my scalp 3x a week
Moisturise my hair every night with a moisturising lotion
'Seal' (lock in moisture) my ends with mix of oils
Spray leave-in conditioners every day
Tie a satin scarf to bed every night
Growth progress since Aug 2012; Current Length

take care!

~ Kemi.A ~


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