Westfield with Shirley B Eniang (Meet n Greet)

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I got super excited in my bed when I watched Shirley's video invitation to her meet and greet featuring Missy of start2finishmua!!! Gosh, even typing right now
, I'm still super excited about how exciting the news was. I had a headache all through the night till the next morning because I had to contain my excitement and go to work early in the morning lol.

Sunday finally arrived and I made my way to Westfield, Shepherds Bush. I was a bit nervous. I got there, walked past a couple of ladies who definitely looked like they were there for the same cause!. I strolled past and returned ten minutes later to find Shirley and Missy! oh how happy I was to meet them, hug them and spend the day with them. It was a very nice day ^.^

These ladies were absolutely lovely. Missy was funny, Shirley got emotional and they both have lovely supporters too. But it didn't end there! oooh even more Youtube ladies showed up! (yah I'm addicted to YT by the way)...there was lizlizlive, Bisanation and beautybyjj too. Ahhh I was so glad I went ^_^ Cos you know these ladies put themselves out there and I've learnt one thing or the other from them. 

 We chilled by Starbucks, then went shopping together. It was amazing and super fun. I have been watching Shirley and loved her for the longest time and don't plan to stop any time soon :), I've known Missy for a long time but now that I met her my love for her has soared even more lol!
Anyway, hope you are having a lovely time.
peace.... mwah!



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